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Internal Barometer of Badness

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Internal Barometer of Badness

Why do we Itch?

Useful Resources to help you understand your Itch

Internal Barometer of Badness

While itch in and of itself is not necessarily harmful, chronic itch can sometimes be an indication of an underlying medication problem.

If you have been experiencing a new onset of itching for more than 6 weeks, it’s important to see your doctor to determine if your itching is related to another condition. Chronic itching can be associated with many skin disorders such as eczema and hives, but also many other medical conditions including allergic reactions or neurological dysfunction. In some cases, itch may be among the first symptoms of organ dysfunction or cancers.

What is Itch & Scratch?

Itch is a sensation that many people experience yet don’t understand. The philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC) recorded one of the first known descriptions of itch, characterizing how animals scratch themselves in a manner similar to modern humans.