What is Itch?

Itch is a sensation that many experience yet don’t understand. It serves an evolutionary purpose to alert us to hazardous situations. However, when itch goes wrong, it can significantly impact quality of life.

Why do we Itch?

Some of the most common causes of itch and quick tips on how you can reduce your itch.

What best describes you and your Itch?

I am curious about itch and would like to find out more.

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I suffer from itch and have a diagnosis, but nothing I’ve tried provides enough relief.

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I suffer from itch and don’t know why. No one has been able to help me figure it out.

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Chronic itching is a major problem that underlies many diseases in medicine. Itch Insight strives to provide valuable information to help patients better understand, manage, and navigate itch conditions.

When Itch Goes Wrong

Do you have an itch that just won’t go away? It’s possible that you’re dealing with pathological, unhealthy itch.

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